Posted by: brian | April 24, 2007

Bill O’Reilly being Bill O’Reilly

Richard Dawkins was talked over by Bill O’Reilly recently. (Yeah, I know the title of the video is “Bill O’Reilly Interviews Richard Dawkins,” but that implies that he allows the man to express his ideas fully and doesn’t repeatedly cut him off to say, “You’re wrong.”) It’s appalling, really, that a man so bereft of anything approaching intellect would be have so much notoriety, but not surprising, especially on Fox News, which is analogous to a brain tumor, minus the fun (although an imagined “War on Christmas” probably ranks up there with the best tumor-induced hallucinations). I’m a little surprised that Dawkins would bother to acknowledge O’Reilly. Seriously, there’s no point talking to a box of rocks, is there?


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