Posted by: brian | April 24, 2007

CNN sucks, Part II

I also meant to mention: I went over to, and they must have some good writers working on headlines. Here is a selection of what I found under Top Stories:

Prof fired after re-enacting Tech killings
Students attend first integrated prom
Bush Sr.: “Bush Fatigue” setting in
Was driver in Corzine crash distracted by love?

I am intrigued by the concept of an “integrated” prom. If this was 1964, I’d assume it was a black-white thing. At this point, I can only guess what it might mean. As for that Corzine crash? No clue what that means or who was involved.

This is me, being relatively disconnected from the world around me.

And based on what passes for news, I guess I’m not missing much.

I’ve now viewed the intriguing news items in question. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Prof fired after re-enacting Tech killings: Apparently, it’s not okay to (a) say things like, “More soldiers will die this week in Iraq than died at Virginia Tech” and “More people will die of AIDS today, in the United States alone, than died at Virginia Tech,” and (b) walk around the classroom using a marker to point at students and say “Bang.”

Students attend schools first integrated prom: First, let me say, it’s in Georgia, so I guess it’s no surprise that 2007 marks the first time that black and white students attend the same prom at Turner County High School. Second, let me say: WTF? Oh, never mind, it’s just the south. Apparently, it’s been traditional that parents arranged separate dances. This year, the students decided to not be ridiculous. The funny thing is that some parents wouldn’t allow their kids to attend. This just reminds me how far we have to go, and is slightly disappointing. The idea of a world integrated, without idiotic dogma dividing people into arbitrary groups – I’m guessing that world is still at least 1000 years away. That’s just a guess. Thaw me out, though, when it happens, & if it’s 3006 or earlier, I’ll pay someone a handsome prize for proving me wrong.

Bush Sr.: “Bush fatigue” setting in: Really, who cares? It was a Larry King interview for chrissakes. Talk about a waste of time.

Was driver in Corzine crash distracted by love?: Ahh, New Jersey governor. Alleged affair, text messaging while driving 91 mph, blah blah who cares. Really.



  1. You really need to change these to CNN sucks.

    How crazy is that prom story? I shook my head at that many times. Poor Georgia…they can’t afford this kind of publicity in the North.

  2. You make a good point. As you wish, so shall it be done.

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