Posted by: brian | May 19, 2007

I’m holding out for one

So after several months of hearing Ben and people at school talk about Heroes and seeing various critics rave about it, I finally broke down earlier this month & watched the first episode on NBC’s web site. Of course, for some reason, I wasn’t able to watch any episodes between the first and the 5 or so most recent, so I figured I’ll catch up over the summer, and besides, I needed to focus on getting school finished up.

So now I’m 6 episodes in (mostly watched in the last 2 days) and officially hooked. The sad part is that tomorrow morning I’m leaving for a 4-day trip to Langdon to visit the folks, & I’ll be in an electronic hinterland of non-wireless dial-up. So, I’ll be Heroesless for several days. But on the plus side – hopefully Ben [redacted]. (It takes way too long. Where’s my real-time streaming video!? Curse you Charter Communications!) [Tangent: [redacted] So then I’ll wait the long summer for more, and of course by the time they start up again, guess where I’ll be? Yeah, back in school, & not seeing TV.]

I’ll also have to wait to see the new ep of [redacted] until after I return, rather than watching it Sunday as soon as that one is ready. Yeah, as much as “I don’t watch TV,” I really watch the parts that I do watch. And I mean that exactly the way it sounds.


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