Posted by: brian | May 29, 2007

Mental sludge

I feel like my brain is full of sludge. My focus is all brokus, my mood is all … not goood. So I made an appointment to talk to my doctor about Ritalin. Friends have told me the wonders it’s done for their concentration, and while I’m loath to add a fourth drug to my daily psychotropic regimen, I am getting desperate enough to try it. So now I just have to wait for two weeks to see my pusher and tell him, “Give me my drugs, man. I can get the money, I just need my drugs!”



  1. Gee, I asked my doctor for Ritalin, and all I got were these lousy mixed amphetamines. They didn’t help me concentrate, but I recommend you ask for them by name: Adderall!

  2. That name sounds familiar. Let’s hope I can remember it two and a half weeks from now!

  3. What?? There are DRUGS for this?!?

    I’m stunned. I thought this was just early onset of old age. Also stunned because my sis has now officially posted comments on your blog twice as often as she has on mine. Huh!

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