Posted by: brian | May 30, 2007

Lamest. Post. Ever.

A post to another blog’s post? Are you even trying?



  1. You mean, you?

    All the same, I clicked and haven’t laughed that hard in ages. The “Further adventures in…” post, right?

  2. In case you couldn’t tell before, I want to let you know that my grip on reality is getting all painful and sweaty, and starting to slip…When I saw this post I thought you were chastizing me for posting to another blog’s post. It took me longer than I’d like to realize you would do that as a comment to my post, not as a post on your blog. Then I remembered that I never even got around to posting to that other post as I had intended.
    I’m lazier than you are! I win! But this comment took a fair amount of effort. Damn.

  3. Mary – Yes, that one.
    Julie – I’m torn now, as to whether I should acknowledge your comment with a “Hah! Now I’ve won!” or perhaps just cement my winnage by making no acknowledgment at all, despite the fact that such a choice would result in me being unable to truly bask (effort involved there) and in nobody actually knowing about me winning. And what makes this doubly confounding is that the first time I tried to post this comment, it got lost in the ether, and I’m going through the effort of typing the whole damned thing again! Curses!

  4. Wow, I actually expended *less* effort by staying on topic. My entire education has been worthless!

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