Posted by: brian | May 30, 2007

Something looks different…

Yeah, I noticed that too. What’s going on here? Why can’t you just pick a layout and leave it alone? You’re confusing the readers!

These are all valid questions. The short answer is, I’m constantly dissatisfied with things as they are. I would tell you that the layout’s going to stabilize, but that might be a lie, and I don’t want to maybe lie to you, right?

I’ll spare you a recounting of the stream-of-consciousness that brought about this and the previous change, and I’ll leave you with this thought: If you know me, you’re not surprised by these fluctuations. If you don’t know me, well, that’s your problem.

PS: If you have strong feelings about a particular layout, let me know, but be specific (in addition to “it sucks!” or “it’s teh awsom!!11”, tell me why).



  1. I like this one way better than the last.

  2. Yeah, what rachel said. And…some stuff I forgot because I’m not on the drugs. You know, Additive or whatever it is.

    I think it’s something about the blue and the fonts and the lack of huge cursive writing. I’ll keep pondering what it might be.

  3. Oh, and the next time you’re in the mood for change, your “4 and only 4 steps to enriching your life through blog” needs a little more at the end:

    …Return to your non-virtual life a better person, and have an almost fanatical deviation from the Pope….The *five* steps…no… *Amongst* the steps are [steps]…and nice red uniforms – oh, damn! I’ll come in again.

  4. Yeah, the title was supposed to be smaller, but the g.d. template kept stretching it out when I put it in, so it had been annoying me from day one. Also, while less is more, it was too little – and perhaps by extension, too much. I originally didn’t like the skinny nature of the other template choices, but I’ll have to resign myself to the fact that if I’m picking from their finite range of templates, I’ll need to expect and accept (but not except) the inherent limitations thereof.

    re: The 4 and only 4: Excellent suggestion! The original joke was one that only Mel would get, probably. Something about “the 4 and only 4 steps to good technical writing” that were expounded by a former co-worker.

  5. Oh ho, I see! I love a good way-too-inside joke (as all my confused friends know too well). Nice!

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