Posted by: brian | June 2, 2007

Ugly people need love too

Those ads for are so annoying. Really, I don’t care about your first date, or your first kiss, or how much you love each other, and how the first time you met it’s like you’d known each other your whole lives.

Ooh, but I do need that $2 coupon for Pantene Texturize!

And OMFSM, why are diaper commercials so asinine???



  1. I get the oddest feeling that you’ve spent the last couple days hanging around the house watching television and trolling around the internet.

    Of course, I’m one to talk.

  2. Surprisingly, it’s only been this afternoon. Funny how quickly these sort of things pile up.

  3. Next, I’d like to ask your opinion of the TiVo commercials.

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