Posted by: brian | June 3, 2007

It’s showtime!

Ben and I went to see Spiderman 3 this afternoon. Based on the first two of the series, my expectations were fairly high.

==== SPOILER WARNING (highlight to view) ====
We paid the matinee price of $6 a piece, and I still feel ripped off. For a movie that runs nearly 2 and a half hours, it lacked a lot. I was looking at my watch shortly after the first hour elapsed. I’m no film critic, but I can be critical of a film, and I sure am in this case. It was moderately entertaining, but had no clear focus. I haven’t read any reviews, but my understanding is that one of the main criticisms from the pros is that there were too many villains. I can’t argue there: three separate nemeses in one movie? Also, what kind of movie was it? At a personal level, Peter Parker had to deal with his romance with Mary Jane, his friendship with Henry, his ongoing drama over his uncle’s death, and a competitor for his job at the Daily Bugle. In the final analysis, all of these threads were necessary to the ultimate “moral” of the film, about friendship and responsibility for one’s actions, but without Peter’s voice-over pounding that lesson in near the end, it gets a bit lost in the shuffle.
==== END SPOILER ====

Do I want my $6 back? Yeah, I do. If your community is lucky enough to have a cheap cinema where you can see a film for a buck or two, you could go see it then. Or you could rent it. Or, really, you could just skip it. There wasn’t anything particularly compelling about it.

Next stop: Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. My expectations: Very Low.



  1. Matinees are $6 where you are too, eh? Saw the latest “Pirates” installment last weekend, and not only was there the irritation of current matinee prices, but the almost overwhelming annoyance of teenagers bouncing off the walls playing with their electronic gadgets. Maybe that’s why I so enjoyed that technosnitch story link you offered. But back on topic, Shari & I talked about how the special midnight shows may cost more, but at least you know the people there are serious about watching the damned show. (Psst – Simpsons?)

    Re: Fantastic Four…I fear The Welshman’s reputation as an actor may be shot. Sigh.

    By the way, nice use of formatting on the spoilers!

  2. Yeah, matinees are teh sukc. And in actual fact, Fantastic Four is going to be a rental or, more likely, a wait till it’s on the cable. Cuz, given how bad the first one was, and how low my expectations are, the reviews would have to be ridiculously phenomenal to get me to spend $6 on it. After this disappointment with Spiderman, I don’t really think there’s much cause to see a film in the cinema again at all.

    Re: Simpsons: I’ve been so disappointed in what I’ve seen of the past several seasons that I’m leery of that as well….

  3. There may not be a good reason to see a Hollywood “blockbuster” in the theater, but I haven’t entirely given up on the smaller releases.

    Re attending the Simpsons movie: it’s only partly about how good it is. Imagine the oddities that would show up at that opening! Tasty, tasty people-watching….

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