Posted by: brian | June 4, 2007

Curse you,

A friend pointed me at one of her friend’s LiveJournal entries today. I was looking at it, and I thought, I wonder if they have better customization & templates than does Of course, the only way to find out was to sign up for an account, so I did, and I perused their templates, etc., and found that they have wider range of templates, including one with three columns, vs. the limiting 2-column maximum of Blogger.

Then, I tried doing that previous entry, and I wanted to insert the piece from that job posting, and it was murderously difficult to format it and get it to look decent. The HTML-editing capacity of Blogger, and the ability to get things to look the way you want them to look, is woeful in its deficiency. So annoying! It makes me wish I’d done a little more research and comparison before starting up this here blog.

Now, those of you that know me are thinking, “Here we go – now we’re going to have to update all our links, because he’s going to switch over to LiveJournal, and then after a while he’ll get tired of that, and look for something else.” As much as I want greater control over the appearances, though, I’m not going to jump to another system of templates and limitations. What I really ought to do is get a proper site organized, and set up the blog there (sadly, is taken). Alas, laziness wins out, and I’ll just have to accept the limitations hereof, for the time being.

However, anybody out there with experience with other blogging systems or who has their own site (this means you ;-)) – feel free to offer your insight and opinions on this particular quandary.



  1. I guess I’d better respond, eh? I use WordPress which offers all kinds of freedom and the joy of an open source community. With great power, comes great responsibility. It is a lot more work than blogger and ilke. Is it worth it? I think so, but I have no life. Wander around and see what you think.

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