Posted by: brian | June 4, 2007

Sorting socks

I’m sitting here folding laundry, sorting socks, and looking at this email I got about a summer internship (which, while in MS Word format, I can’t open with MS Word – and yes, I know that reads as if I am in MS Word format … maybe I am).

Here’s what they’re looking for….

Seeking a Landscape Design student who:
would be interested in an internship for the Summer of
2007 for compensation
can work approximately 40 hours per week
can give office design/drafting support
occasionally could fill in on a construction crew
would be able to reside Minneapolis area
has their own reliable transportation
is able to communicate effectively
whose design visions compliment our company’s
whose instructor could recommend this student and
can attest to his/her abilities and design style
who has knowledge in the following fields:
o AutoCAD
o SketchUp
o Excel and Word
o Strong construction knowledge
o Plant knowledge

Considering that right now, I’m feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of sorting socks, I’m really not feeling confident enough to even send my resume. And considering that the note arrived late last week, maybe they’ve already filled the position? I guess I need to pay closer attention to all those emails I get from “Graduate Landscape.”


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