Posted by: brian | June 8, 2007

How to ride a triceratops

You may have heard about the Creation Museum that opened recently in Kentucky. (Aren’t they breaking one of the commandments by being open 7 days a week?) As I understand it, this is the creationist equivalent of a science museum, complete with humans living alongside dinosaurs, a brief history (seriously, only 6,000 years) of the Earth, and a replica of Noah’s Ark (presumably to scale). Oh, and dinosaurs with saddles. The museum map (PDF) is a must see. The folks at Ars Technica visited the museum recently, saving many of us a very long drive.



  1. So whats the problem? Those guys have good SCIENTIFIC evidence to support their claims, AND good evidence that evolutionary thinking is NOT SCIENTIFIC. In fact, there is a movement in the scientific community known as INTELLIGENT DESIGN that has reached the same conclusion. They are not a Christian movement, and don’t subscribe to a biblical interpretation of creation, but they ARE smart enough to recognize that the Theory of Evolution is shot full of holes.

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