Posted by: brian | June 10, 2007

My first religious wingnut comment

Check out this comment. I’m still waiting for someone to provide anything approximating scientific evidence for creationism (please note: bible stores are not scientific evidence). Oh, and the term “intelligent design,” for those who aren’t sure, is a way of dressing up creationism and claiming it’s science. Interested in clarifying the issue? Check out Why Darwin Matters by Michael Shermer. Also, see this entry at Pharyngula.

The short response is: Evolution is a scientific theory that produces testable hypotheses to describe phenomena, in accordance with the scientific method. Supporters of creationism (whatever label you attach to it) have yet to provide actual evidence or any testable hypotheses. On other key feature of a testable hypothesis is that it is falsifiable. In other words, a hypothesis can be proven wrong. No claims made by creationists meet this criteria, and that is a fundamental flaw in the assertions that creationism is a science.


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