Posted by: brian | June 12, 2007

Possibly. The. Best. Episode. Ever.

Last night we watched the latest episode of [redacted], entitled “[redacted].” It was written by [redacted], who penned the 2-parter [redacted] from series 1, and series 2’s wonderful “[redacted].” (Mild spoiler: according to Wikipedia, [redacted] will be writing 2 episodes for [redacted]) “[redacted]” is absurdly well crafted, and beautifully executed. I want to see more of its protagonist. Ben speculates that perhaps there will be a place for her in [redacted]. Personally, I would love to see her [redacted] in a future series. While I’ve got nothing against [redacted], I haven’t warmed up to her completely. She’s a strong and capable character, but I still miss [redacted].

Alas, only three episodes remain, and then the long wait for [redacted].


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