Posted by: brian | June 19, 2007

How’d that ultrasound machine get in my septic tank?

From Slate magazine:

Update on fetal sex selection: At least eight small skulls have been found in a septic tank near New Delhi, India, and investigators are digging for more. An ultrasound machine was also found. Officials say it appears to be another “case of female feticide.” Other recent discoveries: 437 baby bones near a hospital in Madhya Pradesh in February and 25 fetuses in a well in Punjab, also associated with an ultrasound facility. In the state where the eight new skulls were found, the ratio of female to male residents is only 86 to 100. (To debate the morality and legality of sex-selection abortions, click here.)

As gruesome and horrible as this story is, that line “an ultrasound machine was also found” makes it sound, well, funny.


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