Posted by: brian | July 11, 2007

Why I avoid the news

After perusing the print and online editions of the Star Tribune today, I realized why I so rarely pay attention to current events.

Brother charged in stabbing death of Crystal woman A 21-year-old Minneapolis man was charged Tuesday with second-degree murder in the stabbing of his 45-year-old sister. According to court papers, he told police he was angry with her because she called him names. [Any guesses about their ethnicity?]

The cowboy way The man behind the Hamel Rodeo has bull riding in his blood. [I hope he’s not driving or operating heavy machinery.]

Pope reasserts other Christian denominations are not true churches [Well that’s good to know. Oh, did I roll my eyes?]

Mother, son victims of gang rape in Miami [Any guesses about their ethnicity, or those of the perpetrators? Any guesses about the number of fatherless homes involved? Any guesses about segregation and poverty? Seriously – this is just really sad.]

Ginormous edition: Dictionary adds 100 new words Merriam-Webster has embraced about 100 new words in its latest Collegiate dictionary, a development doesn’t please everyone [sic]. [Look for embiggens and promulent in a future edition.]

Oregon man flies 193 miles on a lawn chair and 105 balloons [Really? I find myself filled with a sense of I don’t care.]

Invoking privilege, Bush blocks testimony [There’s some mention of Nixon in there, but as we all know, he was not a crook.]

Al-Zawahri threatens Britain over Rushdie honor [and, in related religious whackjobbery (though not from the Strib), Threats [against evolutionary biologists] by religious group spark probe at CU-Boulder – this one sparked some fun comments over at Pharyngula]

NAACP delegates bury N-word A mock funeral was held in Detroit to do away with the racial slur, its spirit and everything else associated with it. [I struggle to find a comment that does justice to the inanity of this.]


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