Posted by: brian | July 16, 2007

The polls are open

The good folks at have added a “Poll” feature, whereby you can answer questions posed by me. I’m going to try it out, & see how much fun it is.

Questions will be updated with regularity similar to that of other features in this blog.



  1. Hey, I think this vote is rigged! I keep trying to vote for 212 degrees, and it keeps giving me the same message:

    Cannot process request

    I’ll bet if I voted for Martin Van Buren my vote would go right through. It would probably allow multiple votes for that sick despotic bastard.

    The Death of Democracy.

  2. I wonder if it’s cuz this is a new feature? Maybe bugs are present. I do see that two people have voted for “Yes” and “212 degrees.” Did you also vote for “Yes”? Is one of these maybe yours, i.e. Is it maybe that it got counted and then won’t let you vote again?

    Are you trying to stack the polls!?

  3. Well, I for one voted for both “yes” and “212 degrees,” and was shocked (shocked!) that someone had voted exactly the same way as me! But I didn’t look at the results beforehand, so maybe my split-personality got counted too, or something.

  4. Ah, okay. I voted for “yes” and “212 degrees” simply as a test vote. I’m mildly creeped out.

  5. Whoa.

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