Posted by: brian | July 17, 2007

Today I went to see – ooh! that dog has a poofy tail!

Today I went back to my pusher, after 5 weeks of taking a higher dose of Wellbutrin and shifting my Depakote to bedtime. These changes were made in an effort to address my inability to concentrate, which in turn is interfering with my summer class work. So, 5 weeks later, no noticeable improvement has occurred. I said, “I’d really like to get some kind of stimulant (like ritalin) to see if that helps.” Of course, being the ethical physician that he is, he refuses to hand out drugs without at least some diagnostic evidence of the problem in question. My question is, what’s wrong with “reverse-diagnosis”? Give me the drug, if the problem goes away, then that must be what’s wrong with me!

So tomorrow I go in to take the TOVA – Test of Variable Attention, and then after they get it scored (Thursday) he will (if the results indicate appropriately) have me pick up a pill, which I will then take on Friday morning before re-taking the TOVA.

Of course, in the midst of all this, my primary concern is getting this coursework done. GRRR!



  1. Interesting…I hear much more often the very thing you were hoping for. “Hmm, you might have a chemical imbalance. Let’s pump you full of another chemical and see what happens.”

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