Posted by: brian | July 21, 2007

Maybe I should move to Vermont…

Vermont town can bare it no longer.

Apparently, there’s no state law in Vermont banning public nudity. That’s cool, in my book.

Best parts of the article:

“You can’t go into a store and buy an adult magazine until you’re 18, and yet you can walk down the street in Vermont and see naked people. There’s something wrong with that picture.”

Note that he doesn’t say what exactly is wrong with that picture. I have a feeling there could be some diverging opinions on which of these situations needs to be changed.

The idea of naked people spoiling Gallery Walk night by scaring families with children away is chilling.

Ya know, I get why prudish Americans would consider this an issue, and why moralistic jackasses would try to keep children from seeing people naked in a non-sexual way. But I think chilling is a bit of a stretch, don’t you?


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