Posted by: brian | August 9, 2007

In the news

I went to the City Pages web site to search for an article about the Heritage Park housing project northwest of downtown Minneapolis. On their front page, I saw that yesterday’s Morning Communiqué notes “a recent study links diet soft drinks with obesity.” We learn that researchers were surprised at the “unexpected” finding that drinkers of diet soda have health risks similar to those of their sugar-guzzling compatriots. (I thought scientists were supposed be smart. I guess this is where we differentiate between “book larnin’ and “common sense.” Maybe they just lack imagination?)

The results may simply signal that the diet-soda drinkers in the study were less healthy to start with [Really? You mean diet soda doesn’t instantly cure what ails ya? But I’ve been chugging “Uncle Coke’s Diet Tonic and Elixir” for years! Rats!], and they had turned to sugar-free beverages to help with weight loss or because they had diabetes. The study investigators, who oversee the respected Framingham Heart Study in Massachusetts, noted also that the type of person who drinks diet soda may be more likely to eat less-healthful foods [DUH, anyone?]. But they also cited research suggesting that artificially sweetened beverages may affect a person’s satiety or cravings for sweets.

The other neat thing I found was “Playing the popular Chinese tile game mahjong can lead to seizures, Hong Kong researchers say, calling the phenomenon ‘mahjong epilepsy.'” Video gamers are vindicated!

Then there’s: “Judy Hagan caused a stir among plot owners in the Uniontown (IN) City Cemetery when she put up a tombstone for her and her departed rat terrier, Shithead.”

And, finally: “A man named Johnson underoges a vasectomy in exchange for getting permission from his wife to purchase an iPhone.”


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