Posted by: brian | August 9, 2007

The poll is dead! Long live the poll!

Previous poll results:

Q: Did a god or gods save some people from the I-35W bridge collapse? Why or why not?
….Yes, because he/she/they care(s) about those people more than the ones injured or killed: 0/20 (0%)
….Yes, because he/she/they work(s) in “mysterious ways” or is/are “testing our faith”: 1/20 (5%)
….No, because the bridge was not intelligently designed: 2/20 (10%)
….No, because he/she/they is/are (a) bastard(s): 1/20 (5%)
….No, because he/she/they does/do not take part in worldly events: 9/20 (45%)
….No, because he/she/they does/do not exist: 7/20 (35%)

Totals: 20/20 (100%)

Don’t fail to vote in the new poll!


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