Posted by: brian | August 10, 2007

They found what now?

I’ve had MPR on the radio most of the day, and they keep mentioning that divers have found more remains at the site of last week’s bridge collapse. And every time they start saying it, I start to think, “Wait, is this more bodies, or the same ones they talked about an hour ago?” I imagine that watching Headline News would generate that same feeling, but on a much shorter cycle…. like, 10 minutes or so.



  1. I’m not sure what exactly MPR was saying, but the phrasing from a few news outlets early today really disturbed me. “At least two more bodies found,” or something along those lines. “At least?” Aren’t they sure how many? Brr. I told myself it was a communication issue and put it out of my mind. Well, at least until your post reminded me.

  2. Yeah, that is creepy. Finding “parts” and trying to figure out if they belong together. Ugh – not a job I’d sign up for.

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