Posted by: brian | August 10, 2007

What’s in it for ME?

They’re talking to the mayor of St. Paul on MPR about this whole bridge thing, and one big issue is how infrastructure is/shouldbe funded. At least two non-metro residents called in and asked questions like, “Why should our tax money be used to keep the Twin Cities running? We have problems here too.”

All I could think was, “If that’s the way you’d like it, let’s set things up for you. We’ll eliminate all state-level funding, and each county or municipality will have to look out for itself. You guys handle your own schools, and roads, and everything, and we’ll take care of ours. Good luck!”

EDIT (8/13): I’ve since found out that the specific topic of conversation for that hour was the St. Paul budget; the bridge collapse entered the discussion by way of the “money for infrastructure” angle.


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