Posted by: brian | August 13, 2007

Time-travel in a gel

I just saw this ad for some sort of gel or cream or something. (Of course, I haven’t seen it in the two hours since….) Anyway, it said something like, “What if there was a way to fight the cause of aging, not just the symptoms.” And I thought, “Wait – the cause of aging is the passage of time. So they can alter that?”

You’d think there would have been something in the news. Also, isn’t this kind of a frivolous application?



  1. I think your interpretation is pretty awesome, and will be pondering it for days to come. But I wonder if maybe the product doesn’t halt the passage of time, but rather just changes the user on a chromosomal level to stop telomere loss. Never mind about that third eye — no crow’s feet, anyway!

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