Posted by: brian | August 15, 2007

Comics roundup

Get Fuzzy is great.
Bucky (the cat) expresses something I’ve long believed but have lacked the ability to articulate.
Political jokes.

Cat and Girl is often hilarious.
This is why I buy Powerball tickets once in a while.
Oscar Wilde, updated for the Spring Break set.

Dinosaur Comics should never be missed. Don’t forget to mouse-over the image for an extra fun message. (If it trails off in ellipses, you’ll need to right-click and select Properties to see the whole thing – it’s worth it.)
Etymology: The best story wins.
— T-Rex is a Web Architect.
— T-Rex gets kinky.



  1. I’m glad you caught the “million reasons” Cat & Girl — I meant to send it to you once it acquired its own URL but I obviously forgot.

    On many occasions I have been doubled over in hysterics at Dinosaur Comics, but it’s really hit or miss for me. Thanks, though, for the hint on viewing the whole mouseover message. Mac users with a sane mouse (left-handers and right-handers unite!) can click while holding down the control key to get the menu to come up.

    And Get Fuzzy…ahh.

    I wish Citizen Dog would come back.

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