Posted by: brian | August 17, 2007

I’m in love

Okay, I know I need to get this coursework finished for the summer, but I have to tell both of my readers about this: I’m in love with Linden Hills. Really. This place has everything. If I could afford it, I would pay $1200 a month to live in a 600 sq ft studio apartment in this neighborhood (and I’d probably have to – the one downside is that this is an affluent, mostly white neighborhood; efforts to revive poor neighborhoods often result in gentrification, which looks similar).

They have everything. Employment, shopping, housing, green space, historic buildings, multimodal transit….

They’re right on Lake Harriet (on the left side of this pic, taken from

It’s what New Urbanists wish they could achieve, but it’s been there for over 60 years. (And time is a crucial element here, so maybe some NU neighborhoods will eventually be like it.)

The commercial hub at 43rd St W and Upton Ave S makes the 50th and France retail node in Edina look like a turd wrapped in burnt hair. (And don’t even get me started on those suburban shitholes like Arbor Fakes.)


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