Posted by: brian | August 20, 2007

Another week (or so), another poll

Results of most recent poll:

Q: Complete this sentence: “I was unable to find my keys…
— in time to prevent Armageddon.” 0/5 (0%)
— , you know, the ones on the Hello Kitty(TM) keychain.” 1/5 (20%)
— among the various and sundries in my purse.” 1/5 (20%)
— , Jennifer.” 1/5 (20%)
— because the bats had hidden them so well.” 0/5 (0%)
— , and as a result I had no choice but to smash this priceless Art Deco stained glass window.” 0/5 (0%)
— .” 1/5 (20%)
— , but if we’re lucky, Shamu has a spare set.” 1/5 (20%)

Total: 5/5 (100%)

New poll will be up shortly.



  1. This poll really messed with my mind, incidentally, and I’m not saying that because of the technical problems….

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