Posted by: brian | August 21, 2007

Phone home

Today we dumped Sprint and switched our phone service to Verizon (but our numbers haven’t changed, fortunately). We’ve got 30 days to decide if we like the service (though I really don’t know who we’d switch to if we didn’t) and the phones. After spending several minutes transferring my numbers, I don’t know how I feel about the keypad, but I imagine I’ll get used to it. I’m not interested in spending a lot of money on a phone, and I don’t need much (at least not right now – eventually it would be nice to cram everything – phone, internets/email, palmtop computer/PDA, camera, video recorder, music/dvd player, time machine, hope chest, meds dispenser, etc etc etc – into a single portable package). The camera is a nice bonus, but wasn’t vital – of course, try finding a phone without a camera in it, and good luck to ya.

I was kind of excited about the new hardware, but I feel a little let down, for some reason. I imagine if we’d gone in for the whole phone/text/picture/web/music thing, and the requisite equipment, I’d be spending the next few days like a giddy kid in some kind of store. But like I said – why would I need that?



  1. We’ve been debating a switch from Sprint to Verizon also. Let me know how you are liking it.

    BTW–When are you off to school? We need to get together first.

  2. GAH! don’t say the “s” word!

    I’m off in about two weeks. Some stuff is going on next week that I should probably pay attention too, but I don’t have any attention right now…

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