Posted by: brian | August 24, 2007

Girl fashion

One of the writers over at Slate took her 11-year-old daughter shopping for clothes for the new school year. Read the hilarity! It reminds me of this scene from Family Guy (a bit risqué – turn speakers down if you’re at work).

Choice quotes:
It’s a comfort to know that if your child can’t come up with her own insolent remarks, clothing manufacturers are there to help.

Down the corridor was Abercrombie itself, whose guiding fashion principle seemed to be to print or appliqué the word Abercrombie in the largest letters possible on as much of the clothing as possible.

On our way to our next destination, I tried to avert her eyes from the Victoria’s Secret window, where their clothing was emblazoned with the words “University of Pink.” (I don’t want to know that school’s most popular major.)

If I have to choose between Baby Phat and Juicy Couture, I choose mandatory school uniforms.

But when I tried to push some [Old Navy t-shirts] on my daughter, she shook her head. “How can they make a plain T-shirt look bad?”

(At Talbot’s (WASP couture), looking for pants): My daughter shook her head. “They’re like nautical pants. They’re so ugly.” Then I held up a pair of beige polyester pants that looked reasonable to me. “Mom, I’m 11!” she said. “I’m not Harriet Miers!”


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