Posted by: brian | August 29, 2007

The law of averages

I just got back from the grocery store & noticed this on the bottom of the paper bag:

So if I put 34 items in one bag, and 2 in another, and then give the customer one empty bag, that still counts, right?



  1. gah. the focus on that isn’t very good…

  2. That certainly counts! But they should have specified that they wanted the median, because a few outliers (e.g., 3 kilos of Butterfingers) could really skew the result.

    Not that I’ve ever bought 3 kilos of Butterfingers–why would you even think that? What kind of a glutton do you think I am? Who retired and made you the Food Police? It’s none of your business…just leave me alone already!

    I believe all addictive substances should be measured and reported in the metric system.

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