Posted by: brian | September 1, 2007

I can do science me!

The Science Channel is looking for people to be on TV. They want “regular people” who know science and can explain it and make it fun. Reality TV strikes again!



  1. Just one person? You, me, Ben and Shari would kick ass. (I’m there as the lib-arts kid.)

  2. That would be pretty sweet. I could be the spunky comic relief. Or the example of what not to do.

  3. You and I can be the talky-talkies who fight it out to determine whether Ben or Shari gets to answer a particular question. and maybe now and again there would be an issue that falls into our domains.

    Oh, and definitely the “what not to do” angle. But I suppose the network might not appreciate repeated inquiries of “and what would happen if we lit this on fire?…”

  4. I dunno…. have you ever seen Mythbusters? They frequently blow stuff up for no apparent reason.

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