Posted by: brian | September 4, 2007

Day 1

So far, this first day is going okay. I haven’t been to a class yet – my first one starts at 12:45, but after that I’m in class almost straight through till 9:45. Picked up my buss pass, a notebook, and now I’ve got a couple hours to kill. If you have any innovative ideas for how to kill time, please let me know. Strangulation and stabbing are fine, but they get old after a while.



  1. Your buss pass? I didn’t know those were available! (har har)

    I don’t get to get my pass until tomorrow or the next day. I was told to wait to sign up until a full day after the end of my employment, so the system doesn’t get confused and think I’m ineligible. So, I get to cross picket lines for my pass, I guess….

  2. Two words: pyramid scheme. Hours of quality amusement.

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