Posted by: brian | September 6, 2007

If it wasn’t for red tape, we’d have no tape at all

The wireless signal in our new (and awsom!!!11) studio is pretty weak, and cuts out occasionally. I sent an email to the department head to see if it would be possible for the IT folks to add an access point so that we’d have a better signal. Here is the response he received:

I’m afraid I can’t offer an immediate fix. The university’s NTS department runs the networks (wired and wireless). They are proposing a campus-wide upgrade for the wireless network on campus which they hope to get approval from the regents in October for the necessary funding. Until then, I don’t think that they will be willing to add any additional wireless access points. I’ll check, though.

Why am I not surprised?



  1. Awwww…HUG

  2. Sorry, E, he can’t tell, the signal’s cutting out. HU…….UG.

    Brain, the studio is awsom!!!11 and you expected good signal? What makes you think you get to have nice things? Didn’t you get the disclaimer notice when you matriculated?

  3. Hey! I thought nobody was watching when I matriculated!

  4. I’m expecting the process to run somewhat along these lines (though I don’t expect to ever find out for sure what happens):

    October 07: Ask for approval from regents.
    October 07: Begin paperwork to obtain funding.
    Sometime in early 2008: Obtain funding.
    March 2008: Start planning upgrade implementation.
    Summer 2008-Early 2009: Finalize plans.
    November 2009: Begin upgrading.
    October 2010: Finish upgrading (final building to be upgraded: Rapson Hall).

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