Posted by: brian | September 8, 2007

Ever been dumped?

Friend and classmate Jessica pointed out this BBC realitye programme where 11 strangers have to spend 21 days living in a landfill. They have to build shelter, figure out how to stay clean and where to poop, and maybe find some salvageable scrap to sell so they can get some “luxuries” for themselves. Fortunately, they don’t have to acquire their food from the landfill – for the first week, the show’s producers provided them with 424 pounds (the money kind, not the weight kind) worth of food – the amount the average Brit throws away in a year.

I wonder how long it’ll take for an American network to replicate this show. And I wonder how many people you could feed for a week on the amount of food an average American throws away each year. Probably more than 11.


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