Posted by: brian | September 10, 2007

College newspapers are fun

The Minnesota Daily, our university newspaper, has a “question of the week” in today’s edition. The question is something about YouTube, blah blah words, but the fun part is at the end.

[Student name] said, however, that too many people are posting videos for recognition rather than to get a valid point across.

“I feel like people aren’t (posting videos on YouTube) to get things across, but just to get recognition,” she said.



  1. It’s not consistently humorous, but now and again there are some gems in it. Like that one! I mainly look in the police reports for good mish-moshes of bizarre happenings.

    Years ago when I was working there (no, in advertising), there was an article about a gal who tried to commit suicide by jumping off of a highway overpass. The description indicated, among other physical details, that she’d been wearing rose-colored glasses. I never got a chance to speak to the reporter about it, but I had the clear impression from someone else that this was purposely left as-is (and not made “sunglasses with pink lenses” or some such) because of the irony. Ah, those were the days.

  2. Some people just aren’t creative enough to avoid repetition, Brain. Some people just aren’t creative enough to avoid repetition.

  3. Mary: That’s sweet. I’d’ve done the same.

    Julie: I guess you’re right, Julie. I guess you’re right.

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