Posted by: brian | September 13, 2007

HoTT T33n GurrrlZ 4 SALE!!!111

By way of Julie: Marry Our Daughter, a site for people interested in selling their teenage daughters into arranged marriages, per the Biblical tradition of treating women as property.


I have trouble believing this this is real. It’s got to be a joke. Then again, they seem pretty serious about it, and are quick to point out that the concept of a “Bride Price” is in the bible, and therefore protected as a religious thing. I have to ask, do Americans have any inalienable rights that trump religious beliefs? I mean, if my religion tells me to go out and slaughter 2 children on every full moon, then collect all the corpses in a giant freezer, and have a festival of necrophiliac sodomy on the Winter Solstice, does that make it okay?

On the other hand, this makes me reconsider my opposition to having kids.

***UPDATED: It is, in fact, a hoax.***


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