Posted by: brian | September 18, 2007

Technology is starting to piss me off

First, it’s shitty wireless access in the studio, which is not going to be repaired, apparently. Or, if it is, it’s being repaired at the speed of administration (rather than the speed of business). In other words, it might be fixed by the time I die.

Then I lose my effing phone. It’s been found, but it’s still a pain in the ass.

Today, I scanned several maps over at the map library, and stored the images on my USB jump drive. I came to studio, and tried to (1) copy them to my laptop and (2) move some files to the jump drive so I could walk down three flights of stairs and print them.

I get a message that says, “This drive is full” or some shit. I hit OK. It’s the last I see of my jump drive. The thing couldn’t be found by any computer I tried it on. I had hoped that smashing it would bring some small satisfaction, but it turned out to be much harder than expected, and the effort involved negated any enjoyment I might have gotten from it.

I now need to go spend another hour at the map library, relocating the maps and scanning them again. I also had a bunch of other stuff on the drive, but I’m not sure what. I can only hope that it was all duplicated elsewhere. If not – well, as evidenced earlier this summer, 2007 is the year of irrecoverably lost information.


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