Posted by: brian | September 24, 2007

Random silliness and other updates

My lappy died last week. It’s still under warranty for a few more months, but blah blah words, I’m replacing it. We’ll ship it in & see if they can fix it, & if so, then Ben has a lappy too. Yay! The sad part is that despite my vehement exhortations that I would never buy another Windows box, I can’t afford right now to (a) buy a Mac and (b) buy Mac versions of the software I need for school. So I’m trapped in Windows land again. This makes me grrr. But so what? How does this affect you, the reader? I’ll have limited access to the Internets until my new lappy arrives, and so will not post as often. The result is that you will need to find another way to spend your hard-earned Internets time.

Random fun notes:
An issue of the Minnesota Daily last week included a story about a first-year student (18 or 19 yrs old) who last spring (1) went to a party, (2) was served alcohol by a 20-year-old student, (3) become very intoxicated (0.31% blood-alcohol level), (4) left the party, and (5) fell to his death from a parking structure. All tragic & shit, but my favorite part is the end of the story, where the UMPD’s chief is quoted as saying, “A death like this can have life-changing effects.”

In today’s Daily, a front page story about sports injuries includes this gem from Jennifer Kearns, associate director of NCAA public relations: “It could be a temporary condition or it could be, in some cases, a permanent condition.” Really. It could be either one of those. So, y’know.



  1. I is sad for your trappédness! Pop Tart?…

  2. Pop Tart accepted

  3. I think, in the second instance, Ms. Kearns may have been referring to the chemical hair-curling procedure.

  4. good point… but still, don’t “temporary” and “permanent” pretty much exhaust the range of alternatives? It’s like an ad that says, “Roommate wanted. Prefer male or female.”

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