Posted by: brian | September 30, 2007

Het honey, let’s go hu—ummm…

I just need the headboard, thanks. (A classmate found this while looking for a bed.)



  1. Damn, I’m too slow–it’s been deleted! What the heck was it?

    Aside: Maybe I’ve been reading too many lolcats. I started to type “Whut da hek wuz it?” but regained control just in time.

  2. DANGIT. I wonder if there’s anywhere that might have cached it….

    It was a posting with the title: *HANDCUFFS* and queen size headboard – $200. It was filed under the furniture category, but the first word in the title, besides being emphasized, was “handcuffs.” The text was something like, “Brass and black metal headboard. I paid well over $500 for this a couple of years ago. Asking $200. Handcuffs included if needed.”

    It got more hilarious a couple days later, when I showed someone else, and the price had been reduced to $99. I guess someone bought it.

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