Posted by: brian | October 4, 2007

How a breast becomes a law …

bill becomes a nipple… legislation.

The Strib has a little “Have you heard?” box on the front of each day’s paper, with snippets of recent news items. Today, the 2nd one reads, “Ohio state Rep. Matthew Barrett was giving a high school civics lesson when his memory stick revealed the image of a topless woman instead of his presentation on how a bill becomes law.” Maybe he was going to be giving a presentation in Ms. Gymcoach’s health class later that day, and just got them mixed up?

It doesn’t tell us whether he’s a Rebulitard or a Dummycrap – any guesses? The way these things usually go, I’m inclined to guess his name is followed by an (R), but really, it could go either way…. let’s find out!

[Muzak version of the Rolling Stones’ It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) plays while I search for more info]

The AP has a story that indicates (1) he’s a Democrat and (2) (here’s the real surprise) he has “no idea where these [images] came from.” Of course he doesn’t. How could he know what’s on a portable memory device that contains a presentation he’s going to give to a class of high school kids?

The obvious lesson here is that you should never accept gifts from legislative liaison from the state Library of Ohio.


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