Posted by: brian | October 18, 2007

It dawned on me …

Oh, that was my ponderable: This “Age of Aquarius” thing. If the Piscean Age correlates strongly with the rise of Christianity, which is symbolized by the fish, what characteristics might one expect in an age characterized by the water-bearer? What does water “mean”? Rising seas, environmental issues, lots of urination? While I don’t believe in the legitimacy of astrology as a “way of knowing” – I am, after all, a product of my culture and environment, and we are still living in a society dominated by Enlightenment principles that value human reason and our ability to know the world through empirical means. But cultural phenomena based in superstition fascinate me. While the mythologies of the Greeks and Romans are mere stories to us now, they left a rich literary and artistic legacy that we can still appreciate. The mythology of Christianity still clings, unfortunately, and disgusts me in its application, but I love the architectural heritage, and just last night I listened to Mozart’s Requiem again. Simply amazing, yes. So umm… I don’t remember where I was going – oh yeah – So, I wonder about that whole Aquarian thing. Ya know. As I do.



  1. If I recall correctly, the conjecture approx 15 yrs ago ran along the lines of — the symbol looks like lightning or energy or a waveform, and Aquarius is actually an air sign. So, energy traveling through air…age of technology. I think there was more but I can’t remember the details.

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