Posted by: brian | October 18, 2007

New instructor characterizes student perfectly

Okay, okay – Has anyone yet coined the term “blogorrhea”? If not, I hereby do. But this I just HAD to share.

EDIT: Apparently, “yes”: this page provides a much more satisfactory definition than Urban Dictionary

My metro design seminar is being taught by a relatively recent graduate of the MLA/MURP program here at the U, although he’s roughly my age or maybe a little older. He’s pretty cool, and the coolometer just spiked when I received a note about the projects we’re presenting starting tomorrow.

We will be presenting to a mock planning commission, acting the role of planning staff. We review a project against subdivision and zoning ordinances, and then make a recommendation (approve, approve with conditions, deny).

So the instructor sent a note about the presentations, and added:

In order to make the mock planning commission meetings a little more interesting and hopefully fun, I created a character or role for each of you to play.

Here’s mine:

Brain Fewell – local realtor known for pushing “affordable” housing, but has a second home in the penthouse on the top floor of the Carlisle in downtown Minneapolis. His penchant for living high is legendary and there have been rumors that his life style has exceeded his earnings due to the on-going housing slump. As any new development represents new sales commissions, Brian has never seen any project he doesn’t like and is ready to approve anything regardless of planning staff concerns. No apparent criminal record, at least as far as anyone knows.

I can’t freakin’ wait!

EDIT: One of my classmate’s descriptions starts with “Drawn to the city for the watersports, …”



  1. huh-huh…you said watersports!

  2. The other hilarious thing that I only noticed after the fact is that he mistyped my name….

  3. I can’t wait to hear that you show up for class to find the scenario that a commissioner has died under mysterious circumstances, and you’re all under suspicion. And you discuss whodunnit over a lovely dinner.

  4. Hee! That would be great. I should suggest that.

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