Posted by: brian | October 18, 2007


The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks made the Blogs of Note list today! This is far more exciting to me than it ought to be. Or rather, it is “far” more “exciting” to me than it “ought” to “be.” iscanbe. Money.

I was contemplating something on the way over here this morning, something that was a “ponderable” or a “musing,” (not to be confused with “amusing,” though the two characteristics might intersect at times, and share ancestry), and it’s completely gone now. One imagines it was something about school, or cities, or something else that’s been on my mind a lot of late.

One of my classmates has passed out blank CDs to the rest of us with the request that we burn her a disc of our favorite music. While I presently lack the technology, I’ve started a list (every time I hear a song that I want to include, I write it down), and after the first few days, I had to get a 2nd disc from her. I might need to snag a couple more before this little side project is finished – which might not even happen until Christmas break.

I saw that billboard again this morning that says “Embryos are just tiny babies!” All I can think when I see that is “and you can sprinkle them on salads or breakfast cereal, just like Bacon Bits(TM)!”

I was thinking the other day about making a bumper sticker that says “Jesus Loves You – Unless You’re Black or Gay.” I don’t think I’d put it on my car though….


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