Posted by: brian | October 18, 2007

Time-displacement shipping

I just got a note from Lenovo, the horrible company that I will never again order a product from, regarding my order. I ordered a laptop and, since the discount was good, a 2GB jump drive as well. I received the jump drive about two weeks ago, but last week noticed that its estimated shipping date was bumped back to 10/25 or something like that. The laptop, meanwhile, was pushed back to 10/29. There’s been no update to the invoice since then.

The subject line of this morning’s email is “Electronic Receipt for Invoice 6371498 — shipped on 10/17/2007.” I’m thinking, “Sweet! Finally they shipped the damn laptop.”

Upon opening the note, however, I found that no, the item that was shipped yesterday was my jump drive. The one that is currently plugged in to this computer. Yeah, that one. It’ll arrive in roughly 4 days via UPS. Well, 4 days or negative 2 weeks. Whichever.

Oh, wait:

It looks like it was delivered on the 5th. It’s nice that Lenovo finally got me a tracking number for something I’ve had in my possession for two weeks. I wonder what happens if I click that “Quantum View” tab, and if that has anything to do with the temporal discrepancy.

I’m feeling a strong urge to cancel the order now just out of spite. At the very least I should call and bitch at them some more. But then I might get stuck on another committee.


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