Posted by: brian | October 25, 2007

Hey! Are you listening to me?

Ever wonder if you’re a boring/annoying person? Friend Mary points out this new technology targeted at autistic folk, but sure to be a boon for those of us suffering our own personal insecurities &c. I know one of my classmates could definitely do with some kind of feedback regarding her annoyance factor. On the other hand, about 80% of the time that I’m boring or irritating, I’m aware of it and ignore it, so this might not help me.

My fave line is: “When presented with fresh video clips, the software gets people’s emotions right 90 per cent of the time when the clips are of actors, and 64 per cent of the time on footage of ordinary people.”

What this tells me is that ordinary people are not adequately expressing their emotions, and that we need more training in how to do so in standardized ways.



  1. Random note: 3 cookies!

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