Posted by: brian | October 25, 2007

New words I learn

I this morning wanted to see if the term “plus one” is defined anywhere in its nounular form, as used in Doctor Who (series 1, ep 2) when the Doctor says, “See, it says right here: ‘The Doctor Plus One.’ I’m the Doctor, and this is Rose Tyler. She’s my Plus One.” For the CDes Halloween party, good friend M. will be my Plus One, hence the relevance of the topic.

I went to – not necessarily a scholarly resource, but fun to peruse on occasion, and saw the term “fives” in a use I’d not previously known. Definition 3 is my fave, because it illustrates growth in the meaning of the term:

Defines a claim or ownership of a certain item. Originally used to define such a claim for 5 minutes, but is now commonly interchanged with the word dibs.

The one bit lacking from this is the bit about how it originated as a way of claiming rights to a seat so that one can go use the loo, refresh one’s drinky, or the that.

Oh, and I never did find a prior use of “plus one” as a noun phrase.



  1. Yesss, shout out on Lady with a Hat. My day is now complete 🙂

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