Posted by: brian | October 25, 2007

Poll results

Q: Which of these most reliably conveys real events through audio-visual media?

…Based on a true story: 2/13 (15%)
…Inspired by actual events: 1/13 (7%)
…Ripped from the headlines: 4/13 (30%)
…As seen on TV!: 1/13 (7%)
…BILLY MAYS!: 5/13 (38%)

TOTAL: 13/13 (97%)

I’m very disappointed to see that BILLY MAYS! had such a small margin of victory. I had fully expected BILLY MAYS! to take no less than 3/4 of the votes. I want you all to go to your room and think about what you’ve done, and we’ll discuss this when your father gets home.

New poll will be out in the relatively near future. (Let’s shoot for early next week, yes?)



  1. I meant to vote for Billy Mays but I lost track of time! Stupid school….

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