Posted by: brian | October 31, 2007

Bureaucratic asshattery, part XIV

So peeved right now, just HAVE to post or brain will a splode.

I came in this a.m. to work in the computer lab, cuz I have a review this afternoon and need to get stuff finished. Lab should open at 8. Not for the first time, it didn’t. I waited. About 8:05, I asked the other kid standing around if he was waiting for the lab too, & he said yes, so I went to the office of our Director of Technology to tell him.

His reaction: “Jenny must be running late.” (I almost thought he was going to tell me to just go wait for her, but then he got out of his chair.)
Me: “This has happened before…”
Him: “Yes, but the lab has also opened early before. People have lives.” (I don’t remember his exact phrasing, but his overall tone was pretty dismissive.
Me: “Well, I have a life too, and work that needs to get done.”

What annoyed me so much about this was his dismissive tone, and the apparent attitude that when they say the lab opens at 8 am, what they really mean is an average of 8 am. They need to clarify that, I think. Also, I’m pretty sure that if you worked in a real job, Jenny, “having a life” wouldn’t cut it as a reason for repeated tardiness.



  1. Well it isn’t like you pay tuition or anything. I mean what do you expect they are only doing this whole teaching thing out of the kindness of their hearts.

  2. That guy sucks. What did John say about it at the meeting? And, you missed NOTHING at the review today. Very boring indeed. Feel better!

  3. John K said he’d mention it to the Dean & such. Apparently the asshat has told Rebecca that our department is “driving him crazy.” My response, again, is “Now we’re even.”

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