Posted by: brian | November 20, 2007

Things inside of things

Discussions in our studio often take odd turns, and today there was talk of fake meat (including the wonderfully named “Not Dog“) and holiday traditions involving meat (or not, as the case may be). One classmate mentioned the turducken, a phenomenon some were not familiar with. If you’re not aware of this, it’s basically a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey. I can only assume it is delicious. After a brief search for images on the interwebs, I found a web site that actually provides a name for the process of cramming birds into each other: engastration. I am hard pressed to believe that this word actually represents the process of stuffing only birds into birds (though all of my searches reveal that to be the only definition offered), and I wonder about other possible applications. For example, could you cram other animals into each other? Could you engastrate veal into a regular cow? What about interspecies engastration? One site described a sausage-stuffed turducken. Another described how to build an “Easter turducken” using items from the Refined Sugar food group. Could a stuffed pepper be considered engastrated? What about Russian dolls? Would they be an example of non-edible hierarchical engastration?



  1. As far as edible things are concerned, try adding “Ancient Rome” to your search terms. If I recall correctly, they used to stuff all sorts of smaller delicious animals into larger delicious animals, and that into larger yet delicious animals.

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