Posted by: brian | November 21, 2007

"You got peanut butter in my blog!" or "We’re all one happy incestuous e-family!"

Mel offers this post on words and identity, which brings me to an interesting related tangerine (a repurposing of the word by Mary‘s classmate Wes, meaning “a small tangent”):

Next semester, I’ll be working on my capstone project (think “thesis” with 20% more pretension) on the future of the Ford assembly plant in St. Paul. I was thinking of asking James Lileks to drop by as a guest critic at some point during the semester. He’s a former columnist at the Star Tribune, and now oversees their blog. (He’s also, by birth at least, a fellow Nodakian.) His “regular” site has several pages on the topic of Urban Studies, and it might be interesting to get a perspective from someone who doesn’t work in a so-called “design profession.” So my question is, would doing so constitute an act of blogwhoring?


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