Posted by: brian | November 25, 2007

Food Network has officially crossed the line

Lately, Food Network has been getting on my nerves. For the longest time I enjoyed a number of their programs. Examples: on Good Eats, Alton Brown is brilliant – he makes every aspect of cooking entertaining and educational. Rachel Ray was cool when she was limited to 30-Minute Meals and $40 A Day. But then there was Paula Deen, whose accent alone is proof that evil incarnate can be embodied in sound. But hey, I don’t need to watch what I don’t like, right? Then they brought me the joy of Iron Chef America – corny, reasonably entertaining, and not too annoying (at first). If you’re familiar with the program at all, you’ll no doubt realize it’s rapidly getting out of control, like a nuclear reactor sans inanimate carbon control rods. It’s taking itself far too seriously. (And don’t get me started on the new Iron Chef’s Hibbertesque giggle.) And Rachel Ray appears to have been injected with huge quantities of “Yummo” (by Nabisco). I think she’s trying to be like Martha Stewart, minus the stick up her ass.

One of their more recent “personalities” is this guy, whose appearance alone makes me change the channel. Seriously, step away from the peroxide, and no one gets hurt. During a commercial break, he helped out some poor schmuck whose cranberry sauce is apparently too tart. His prescription included the use of a Food Network skillet, available now at Kohl’s. Did I mention that this “help the dork on the street” piece was interrupted by an ad for Food Network brand cookware, available only at Kohl’s?



  1. Yeah, it’s gotten on my nerves too, a bit. I know I shouldn’t be judgemental, but could someone please get Sandra Lee to stop saying “expresso”?!
    Rachael Ray seems nice, but I now cringe whenever I hear any of her RR-isms. “E.V.O.O.” — brr.
    On the plus side, at least the network has canceled “Emeril Live.”

  2. OMFSM – I’d forgotten about “Emeril Live”.

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